Follow-Up: Fracking with our Future

Bradford County, PA’s just over the state line from New York’s Southern Tier. Chemung and Tioga counties border Bradford, where they do hydraulic fracturing of the Marcellus Formation. They just had a big blowout down South, spilling drilling fluid over farmland and into a nearby creek.  It’s like we asked yesterday…

What the frack is going on???

Here’s the story from WNEP, who’s got a Johnny-on-the-Spot view of the action: Thousands of gallons of fracking fluid leaked from a busted well casing, spilling this fracking fluid over farmland, pastureland, and into nearby Towanda Creek.  As we covered yesterday, this fracking fluid, used by drilling companies to extract natural gas from the Marcellus Formation, is lousy with all sorts of nasty compounds like radioactive sand, methanol, nitrogen, acetone, and carbon dioxide.

The drilling company, Chesapeake Energy, who are responsible for spilling this fracking fluid over prime agricultural land and into a creek that’s part of the watershed for NY’s Tioga County, stressed that no gas was released by the well.  They may have poisoned farmland and made a creek unfit for human consumption, but HEY! Let’s keep our focus on what’s important, that no natural gas escaped from the busted well casing, and we’re supposed to place profits before people… Right?  At least, that’s what Chesapeake Energy is saying.

By the way, anyone want to guess what Towanda (as in Towanda Creek) means?  It’s an Algonquin word meaning “burial ground.”  Let’s just hope our Native American brothers and sisters got the name of this one place wrong.

Harold Miller is Upstate Director at NYCC. He has been organizing 8 years, and is responsible for NYCC Capital Region Chapter, State Politics, and all things NYCC Upstate. He graduated from Ithaca College in 2003 with a degree in History, BA, and wishes he recycled more.

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